Angel. 21.

Her name was Ana and I was once entangled in her web of lies. However, I am so lucky to be alive now, by the grace of God, and I feel more free than I ever have before. But there is hope, for all of you, and there is a beauty in this crazy thing we call life.

I am just a girl who is in love with beautiful photography, obsessed with staying dance and just happens have recovered from an eating disorder. It took a long time, it was a journey but God has brought me into this glorious light.

I hope that my journey can be an example of hope and light to all of you who stumble across this blog and feel the way I used to feel. You can get out of the entangled web of lies that she weaves. You can get better, you will get better. Please, know that there is light to the end of the tunnel.

God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. - 1 John 1:5

Yes, some people say to me you're too skinny, but never a skinny person says that to me, only people who could lose a few pounds say that. – Karl Lagerfeld

Welcome to my journey.

Not all of us can be Blair Waldorf and you most certainly cannot be my Chuck Bass.


It’s 12am. Instead of going to bed I find myself in the sucking hole of the blogosphere which no matter how hard you try to let go of it always pulls you back in.


I realised something yesterday. I am a FIGHTER. I don’t need a stupid boy who forgot my worth to define me. I have fought much harder battles and won them all. I am stronger and braver than I think.

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The air was brisk. As soon as she put her car into gear the tears began to fall. Those tears that she had held back all day, all week, feel like banked up waterfalls that were about to burst. For thirty minuets - the time it took for her to drive home - she cried.


and she cried and cried and cried. I just have to get home, she thought. I just have to get home. I’ll never forget you by Birdy was playing.

When she drove her car into the driveway she let the flood inside her burst. Crawling up I’m a bawl she shook with deep hurt crawling out of her.

WHY GOD WHY???!!!!

She pushed the car seat back and smothered her face in the car seat. The tears rushed out of her. All she felt was a deep bitter sadness in which she didn’t know that should could get out of.


But what if I don’t want to be strong anymore? I’m tired of being brave. Being told I have “courage” that I reflect “happiness”. I am none of these. All I am is sad. He left me and now I’m this walking empty shell trying to fill myself but I keep pouring out. He was my everything but maybe that was exactly the problem. Now I’m just this ghost haunted by the people I find myself next to.

07:59"I’m just sad."
15:03"She was tired of being brave, being called brave. For once she wanted someone to be brave for her."

I try my best to keep myself busy but to be honest I am just sad. I can’t remember the last time I was this sad. All I want to do is cry and cry and cry but I’m trying to push forward and put on a brave face. 

I’m just sad.

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We broke up. 

He changed his mind.

And know I am empty, lost and don’t know what to do with myself.

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I’m hurting so much right now. I feel as if everything isn’t real any more. How can you be so sure you’re going to be with someone forever, being convicted of it, and then one day turn around and say you don’t know what you want any more?

I just don’t know what to do. I’ve cried all weekend. Yesterday, was the worst day. It’s like someone has punched a hole in my stomach. I’ve vomited and my nose has bled. I feel sick. Nothing is what it seemed to be. Where did I go so wrong?

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